Nolan Penn, Ph.D

Making Positive Things Happen

Although Nolan Penn, Ph.D., retired as a professor of psychiatry and associate chancellor for the UC San Diego School of Medicine in 1997, he can still be found on campus frequently counseling graduate students, contributing to a committee or board, playing racquetball at RIMAC or engaging with his fellow Chancellor's Associates.

"We joined in order to stay in touch with issues associated with the university, where I've spent so many years," said Penn, who also values opportunities to connect with individuals. "I've gotten to know a lot of people in the community through Chancellor's Associates, people who are interested in what we are very famous for: a dedication to science and education."

Penn and his wife, Barbara, joined Chancellor’s Associates 19 years ago. He is a psychologist who is fascinated by concepts of community—particularly concepts involving issues associated with social justice and diversity— among many other interests. He currently serves on a committee in the School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry that is focused on inclusiveness. "I'm always interested in what the campus is doing in these areas," he said, and imagines creating a Chancellor's Associates' Ambassadors for Social Justice and Diversity Group that can go out into the greater San Diego community and spread the word that "something positive is happening over here in the University of California, San Diego."